19 April 2022

Towergate Health & Protection helps RMS Ports find the best benefit match to help recruit and retain employees

With over 160 employees across several locations, RMS Ports1 needed to ensure it was offering a good range of benefits, with the specific aim to aid the recruitment and retention of staff.

The company carried out a staff survey to explore the areas of greatest interest to the workforce. The survey was sent to all employees and designed to elicit views on the health and wellbeing benefits that would best support the staff, including private medical insurance (PMI), dental care, cash plans and health screening.

The results showed that the greatest interest was in PMI, so health and wellbeing specialist advisers Towergate Health & Protection then examined the options available on the market to find the best fit with the employees’ preferences and requirements, as well as RMS Ports’ budgetary parameters.

Following a review, they were able to provide the appropriate PMI and also offer additional health and wellbeing benefits that matched a number of the most popular requests from the survey. These included health screening, access to virtual GPs, an employee assistance programme (EAP), gym membership and allergy testing.

Not only do these benefits support existing employees, RMS Ports is able to promote the benefits they offer to proactively help them recruit staff.

Rob Hall, Principal Health & Wellbeing Consultant, Towergate Health & Protection said: “The world of workplace health and wellbeing support today is very different from a few years ago – there is now so much on offer to support people holistically. The right health and wellbeing benefits really help to set companies apart, and can be incredibly valuable to a company and its workforce.”

Melvyn Smith, Group HR Manager and Data Protection Officer at RMS Ports, says: “Being able to offer a good benefits package is important for us in finding and keeping good members of staff. Much of the work in the ports is physical, and having private medical insurance is of great value to our employees, so they know they will have support for their health and fitness. It is really positive for us to be able to look at health and wellbeing in a more holistic way, offering access to health screening and virtual GPs. The employee assistance programme adds a lot of value as it offers such a wide range of support, from counselling for mental health issues, to financial and legal advice.”


1. About RMS Ports
RMS Ports is involved in shipping, stevedoring (loading and unloading of ships’ cargo), storage warehousing, and distribution. It has operations in every major port in Humber, the UK’s busiest estuary.