Global mobility training

The chance to explore the business requirements of countries before you send your people overseas, equipping them with the knowledge they need to work effectively abroad.

Preparing your people for doing business abroad

Whether you are sending current employees to a new country, or planning to open a new office abroad, it’s important for your company to learn how to communicate and do business within the new destination.

Every country works differently, with different approaches, traditions and acceptable behaviours, so learning as much as you can before sending anyone abroad is the best way to make sure the assignment will work.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to support those in your employ whose job makes them globally mobile. Through our partnership with crossculture2go we can help you and your employees understand how to do business before heading abroad.

All the services are built and delivered by experienced experts to make sure your employees get the skillset they need for successful communication and work abroad, before they go.   

What our customers say


These online videos are available at any time through an online training portal and offer short, hands-on answers and tips for your teams. The videos focus on what really matters when entering a specific international business situation. Simply select the required country and topic and all the required information is instantly available.

Country courses

These are self-paced trainings for team members which give a deep understanding of successful business communication in the selected country. They offer 90 minutes of interactive learning which can make a big difference in understanding a new location before you go.  

CultureFit in three hours

Understand the unspoken laws of international business, and focus on your own goals and challenges when globally mobile. Develop your individual success plan in a live-session with a country expert.

Talk to a coach

We can offer access to a worldwide network of business coaches for 140+ countries as well expat coaching, expat spouse coaching, family transition coaching and more.