Protecting your business and your people – for peace of mind if the worst should happen.

Protection for your business and employees

Group protection cover is a valuable benefit which provides financial protection for employees and their families.  It can be great for attracting and retaining people as well as providing support to the business if a key employee is off long-term, and it is relatively inexpensive for employers to offer compared with other benefits.

We will make sure we understand your needs from an employee perspective and as a business, and will deliver a tailored protection package which meets all your requirements.

From group income protection, critical illness and life insurance for all employees, through to key employee cover to protect those whose loss would have a critical impact on the running of the company - we can help.

What our customers say

Group income protection

Group income protection provides a continuing income for employees if they cannot work long-term due to illness or injury.

Helping staff to continue to receive an income and pay their bills helps to reduce the stress associated with long-term health issues and can help them to feel more valued as employees.

Group critical illness

Group critical illness pays a tax-free lump sum to an employee who is diagnosed with one of a wide range of potentially life-threatening conditions, including a heart attack, cancer or stroke.

Group critical illness is a benefit which reassures employees that they will have funds to help them with financial problems which could develop if they become seriously ill. It could help them to pay medical expenses or pay for home adjustments if needed.  

As well as being affordable for employers, the premiums are normally an allowable business expense for corporation tax.

Life insurance

Group life insurance is one of the most common employer-sponsored benefits, and is often the only way many employees get access to life insurance cover.

This cover gives employees peace of mind knowing that should they die, their families and dependants will receive a tax-free lump sum to help cover financial commitments.

Key employee protection

When thinking about protecting your business it’s also important to think about people who could have a critical impact on the company if they were no longer able to work or passed away – these are key employees.

Key employee cover helps to protect your business if a key person dies or becomes seriously ill, by paying out a lump sum to the company.  

Shareholder or partnership protection

Shareholder or partnership cover provides a lump sum should one of the shareholders or partners die, or become critically ill. It provides the funds for the remaining business owners to buy the shareholder’s or partner’s shares and retain control of the company.

Business loan cover

Business loan protection provides funds to cover business loans and other credit in case a business owner dies or becomes seriously ill.