Offering wellbeing programmes in the workplace can help to improve morale, health and productivity.

Protect your key assets

Encouraging people to proactively take charge of their overall health through a wellbeing programme can help to keep them healthy and avoid potential sickness absence and other employee issues.

Your employees are a key business asset so offering programmes which support them to be healthier and less stressed can only be beneficial both to them and your business.

We consult with you to understand your needs and search the whole of the market to come up with a tailored health and wellbeing plan just for your business.

Wellbeing plans can include a variety of options, including employee assistance programmes, occupational health cover, mental health support and health screening. We will use our expertise to deliver a tailored solution that works for your people.

Health screening

Health screening provides an easy way for your employees to discover any potential health problems and trends to understand what they can do to improve their own health, to help prevent problems becoming more serious over time.

Health screening programmes can be tailored to your business needs and requirements and help to show people they are valued by the company.

They can be delivered in a number of ways including using mobile screening systems which can be brought into the office, reducing the need to take time off work to get to a clinic.

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Employee assistance programme (EAP)

When employees’ experience personal problems, whether at home or at work, it can have a negative impact on their job performance and concentration levels – which is where an employee assistance programme can prove invaluable.

EAPs provide a helpline giving people access to telephone support from professional counsellors on a variety of issues, from financial fears to personal worries and concerns, and are available to be used by employees and their family.

The service can also provide face-to-face counselling and referrals to other support services and employers can also refer staff if they have concerns about their employees’ wellbeing.

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Occupational health

Employers have a duty to consider health issues which could affect an employee's ability to safely do their job. However the reporting and management of absence can be time-consuming - this is where an occupational health programme can prove invaluable.

A tailored solution which integrates absence management and occupational health can be an effective way to manage the ongoing health and wellbeing of your people, as well as ensuring you are complying with relevant legislation, such as Health and Safety legislation and the Equality Act.

Occupational health solutions can include pre-employment screening questionnaires to ensure new employees are fit for work and that you comply with the Equality Act 2010, health assessments and referrals.

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Mental health support

Mental health is one of the biggest health and wellbeing issues facing companies, according to a survey which Towergate Health & Protection carried out in 2019. We can help you to build a business case for investing in mental wellbeing as a starting point in offering mental health support within your business.

We also work with a range of providers offering onsite mental health training and building resilience courses for both managers and employees. It’s important for your company to create a culture where employees feel confident talking about mental health and we can guide you with access to educational programmes, digital services and apps.

We can also advise on the most cost-effective employee assistance programmes which can provide professional counselling services for a wide range of issues which may be causing stress to employees or managers.

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Financial wellbeing

Around 20 million workers across the UK are affected by money worries and this costs the UK £15.2 billion annually through absenteeism, reduced productivity and staff turnover1. It’s an issue which employers might think they can do nothing about it but there are ways to offer support to employees.

Simple actions like signposting people towards online financial awareness and support tools such as the Money Advice Service website, could provide a lifeline for employees who just don’t know where to turn.

Some companies are now offering access to workplace savings, loans and salary advances to help people to manage money better, and financial education programmes are now more widespread and often included as part of an employee benefits package.

We can work with you to develop a package which helps to support your employees and EAPs often provide access to debt counselling and support for people who need it when financial issues become too much for them.  

1. The DNA of financial wellbeing report, 2019/2020

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