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Whether you’re living or working abroad, make sure you can get the right treatment at the right time, wherever you are

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International health insurance is probably not the first thing on your mind when you’re planning a move abroad, but it is essential. Overseas healthcare can be extremely expensive and without cover in place, you may find you’re out of pocket if you require any medical treatment.

Many people assume that their travel insurance will cover them, but this is not always the case.

Travel insurance will cover medical emergencies, but will generally have lower medical cover limits. International health insurance covers everyday treatments as well as emergencies, meaning that you have peace of mind when living in a new environment.

About the plan

AXA Global Healthcare's International Health Plan is available at exclusive rates for FPS members. The plan offers a choice of four levels of cover, so you can find a plan to suit your needs and budget.

If you currently have your own cover with AXA Global Healthcare, you may benefit from reduced rates by joining the FPS scheme.

Members can transfer between the UK and international private medical insurance plans, without further underwriting.

What’s included

  • Includes medical insurance cover for your family
  • Full in-patient and day-patient cover
  • Cancer cover
  • Choice of the level of out-patient cover needed
  • Continued terms may be available if you are currently insured elsewhere (subject to required transfer criteria being met)

Good to know

The plan is available to all members of the Forces Pension Society. If you are not currently a member of The Forces Pension Society, visit their website to find out how to sign up.


If you already have a UK or international policy you can switch cover on continued underwriting terms (CPME) with a simplified health declaration, subject to approval by AXA Global Healthcare.

If you are seeking cover for the first time your cover will be fully medically underwritten (FMU). There is a special introductory offer for the first year for new underwriting.

The role of Towergate Health & Protection and Forces Pension Society

Towergate Health & Protection is an independently authorised broker, who acts on your behalf.

To support their members, FPS works with Towergate Health & Protection to enable Towergate Health & Protection to market the scheme, for which FPS receives a fee.

Towergate Health & Protection negotiates the overall renewal terms AXA Global Healthcare offers on this plan, with FPS agreeing the recommendation. FPS has no other role within the administration of this arrangement.

For clarity, there is no commercial agreement between AXA Global Healthcare and FPS, who do not represent you or negotiate any aspect of your annual travel / healthcare insurance with AXA Global Healthcare.

This policy is an individual contract of insurance between you and AXA Global Healthcare. The subscriptions under this arrangement are set each year by AXA Global Healthcare to take in to account the claims made by all the members of FPS and their family members covered under the product.

How to join

For a no obligation quote and review please call 0800 389 7724, (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) to speak to one of our dedicated scheme experts.

Alternatively, you can email

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