Looking after your employees’ health is good for your business. Protect your people, and help minimise their absence.

Supporting your healthcare needs

Providing healthcare benefits as part of a package for employees not only helps with recruitment but can help to keep your people healthy and more productive.

According to the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2018* report, 74% of employees who participated in any given workplace health intervention from their employer, felt positive effects on their health.

Healthcare benefits such as private medical insurance and dental insurance can provide employees with fast access to medical care and treatment, helping them to get well and get back to work sooner.


What our customers say

Private medical insurance

Everyone gets sick or injured at some point, and this can lead to people needing to take time off work for appointments with doctors and specialists.

Reduced absence

Private medical insurance can help to reduce waiting times as your employees will be able to avoid long waiting lists and get back to work quicker. It also shows people that management value their wellbeing and can help with recruitment and retention.

Choosing the right product is key

As an independent specialist adviser we can search the whole of the market to find the solution which meets your company’s particular needs, from the right levels of excess to the right hospital lists. It’s important to assess the cover and details of the solution and not just focus on cost – our experts will work to make sure you are fully covered.

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Healthcare cash plan

Healthcare cash plans are affordable, can support pre-existing conditions and help employees to claim back the costs of everyday healthcare bills.

A healthcare cash plan can be used alongside private medical insurance and in many cases can be used to pay any excess required by the insurance plan.

Cover for preventative healthcare

Employees can make regular use of their healthcare cash plan for treatments such as eye tests, dental treatment, physiotherapy and chiropractor treatment. This gives people access to preventative treatment, helping to avoid conditions escalating to the point of needing time off sick.

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With the difficulty of finding NHS dentists, and the high costs of private dental care, many people put off regular dental treatment and only visit when they have no other choice – losing the opportunity for early intervention.

Popular healthcare benefit

Offering employees a dental plan can be a very popular healthcare benefit, helping members get access to regular oral health check-ups which can pick up signs of other more serious conditions including stroke, diabetes and heart conditions.

Reduce absence related costs

Including a dental policy in your employee benefits package can increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, and also help to reduce absence related costs too.

According to the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy, time off work due to oral health problems costs businesses around £36.6 million per year, with one in five employees saying they would call in sick due to toothache.*


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