12 October 2022

Rebellion launches complete health & wellbeing support via Towergate Health & Protection’s new platform, Kinetic+

Towergate Health & Protection today announces that it has signed Rebellion to Kinetic+, its new health and wellbeing proposition.

Rebellion is one of the world’s most successful independent video games studios and media and entertainment businesses including books, comics, TV, film, and board games with a core focus on developing and publishing their own titles and IP. With five studios across the UK, and many staff working from home or hybrid working, Rebellion was looking for a health and wellbeing support solution that was easy to access, with all benefits clearly available in one place, and the value of the employee’s specific package easily demonstrated.

This is precisely what Rebellion is now receiving with Kinetic+. The all-inclusive platform provides digitally delivered holistic health and wellbeing for employees, based on health risk profiling. An integrated risk assessment, treatment, and support tool, Kinetic+ reaches and engages the workforce, connecting and supporting employees.

Louise Faux, Principal Health and Wellbeing Consultant at Towergate Health & Protection says: “Rebellion wanted to launch a benefits platform to help employees feel valued and supported. As the name indicates, Kinetic+ is a dynamic proposition capable of adapting to meet the needs of the client. It brings together a range of tools, resources, and offers, which employees can access from one central hub.”

Analysis, treatment, and support in one place

Kinetic+ is believed to be unique in offering analysis, treatment, and support in one place, communicating with, and engaging, employees on a much greater level than has previously been possible for most mid-sized companies. Employers can choose from a range of solutions, and services are tailored to match the needs of their employees.

Laura Sanders, People Operations Lead at Rebellion, says: “We highly value the mental health and wellbeing of all our employees. Kinetic+ covers the four pillars of wellbeing: physical, mental, financial, and social health. It supports and protects our people in all respects. The easily viewed total rewards statement highlights the value of the support, aiding retention and recruitment, and the Kinetic+ discounts will assist our employees through the cost-of-living crisis.”

Strategic approach

Rebellion has over 400 employees, all of whom will be offered the Kinetic+ service. It was launched throughout the company on Monday 3 October 2022. With employee engagement at its core, an online health risk assessment questionnaire is the first part of the Kinetic+ journey. This enables Kinetic+ to be tailored to the individual needs of each employee within Rebellion, with signposting to support embedded, so the employee’s needs are met and managed from the start.

Risk profiling

Risk profiling allows individually tailored support but also a company-aligned strategy. Kinetic+ can offer the employer anonymised reports on the profile of the workforce. This enables a more tactical and strategic approach to the company’s health and wellbeing support, helping companies tailor benefits according to needs.


Kinetic+ is a huge time-saver for employers. Pulling together the different offerings from a variety of service providers would otherwise be complex and time-consuming. On top of doing this, Kinetic+ delivers automated health and wellbeing communications. In a hybrid-working environment, this can provide a crucial connection for employees making them feel valued and part of the team. There is also an option for bespoke communications customised for the company and its specific workforce.

Louise Faux concludes: “We are delighted that Rebellion has signed up to Kinetic+. We are looking forward to working with them and to seeing how our platform supports this forward-thinking company.”